How it works

Louisa Larson Photography How it Works

How it works

The quick version…

Call us at 802-876-7422 or contact us through our contact page to ask questions and book an appointment. Often chatting on the phone is best so your questions can be answered immediately and we can talk about what you’re looking for.

A session fee is requried to hold your time and date of the session. We do accept all major credit cards.

I am happy to talk to you about clothing choices prior to the session.

A typical studio session lasts about one hour. Newborn sessions do last longer as the baby needs time to eat and sometimes just cuddle.

After the session we will schedule a time for you to come back to the studio to place your order. Two days prior to this I will have sent you a slideshow of all your images so you are already familiar with what I will be presenting you. I offer this so people that cannot make it to the order session can still have input on which images they love.

  • You will meet with me directly so you can discuss sizes, options and decorating with your new portraits.
  • Portraits will be ordered after payment has been received. Prices increase 25% after the order session date.
  • All ordered images are kept on file for 90 days. Unordered images are kept for 30 days.
  • All major credit cards are accepted
  • Portraits will be ready to be picked up at the studio within 2-3 weeks.