Newborn in Vermont {Newborn Photographer Vermont}

Born the youngest of 5, this little one isn’t used to a whole lot of peace and quiet.  She slept for me just a little then was wide awake, taking everything in.  I love the look in her eyes when she was starting at me.  I know she was practicing getting a little smile going.  From what I hear now, only a week later…she’s mastered it.  I have had a wonderful time photographing this family and all their beautiful babies.  Now I look forward to capturing all the memories as they grow up together.  Here are a few of Newborn Jillian and her Momma.

Louisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson Photography

A puppy and his girl {Vermont children’s photography}

On a freezing winter morning what better way is there to spend time than to photograph the worlds cutest little 4 year old and the worlds cutest little 8 week old American Bulldog?  Just like a newborn session, it started out a little crazy…for the puppy that is.  Imagine – all these great smells in my studio and a new place with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.  Oliver spent the first part of the session jumping, wiggling, sniffing, chewing and exploring and all of a sudden like a magic wand was waved – he konked out.  Just like a newborn.  Miss. Lyla had a great time showing him the love and hauling him around then giving him lots of cuddles.  What a pair!  Here are some of my favorites from our session.

Louisa Larson Photography

Louisa Larson Photography

Louisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson Photography

March 22, 2016 - 10:37 am

Rosemary - I just. Have to chuckle at some of those Puppy poses. I see the Family are really proud of their new pet, pudgy and wrinkled

Lila – 9 days old {Vermont Newborn Photography}

What a treat to have such a doll…excuse me, TWO dolls in my studio.  Miss Lila making her debut with a full head of hair and her big sister Sydney.  It was a fun-filled time of taking care of Miss. Lila, snuggles with Sydney and cuddles with Mom and Dad.  Time flew by as I captured beautiful images of this family as they start out as a family of four.  Here are a few sneak peeks of newborn photographs that were captured.


Louisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson Photography

Sand and leaves – Vermont beach photography {Vermont family photography}

How lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place that we have gorgeous leaves in our forests AND Lake Champlain.  While the sun was still warm, during this gorgeous late fall I was blessed to capture this family playing on the beach that is just steps from their house.  Miss. J was as any 3 year old is…busy, busy, busy!  She loves to jump, to climb, to ride upon, to pick up, to create and best of all…she loves her Mommy and Daddy.  Here are some images of our time at the beach in November.

Louisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson Photography

Vermont senior portraits {Louisa Larson Photography Senior portraits}

I can’t believe how blessed we were to have such amazing weather in November.  NOVEMBER!!!!  In Vermont!!!!!  Seriously – unheard of.  I spent an hour or so at this gorgeous location to capture high school senior portraits and family as well.  I love being outside the studio this time of year for portraits.  We had such a great time and got some amazing shots.  Here are a few to share.

Louisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson Photography