Ashley {Class of 2016} Vermont senior photography

Here’s a peek at Ashley’s senior session.  It had been scheduled all summer and of course after our huge run of gorgeous weather…it rained and was very overcast.  Lucky for us it was just a sprinkling and lucky for me, she’s a cloudy day kind of girl.  🙂  I’ve known Ashley for years and can attest that she’s just as beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  She’s a stellar athlete and an accomplished student and I felt privileged to photograph this beautiful young lady for her Vermont senior portrait.

Louisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson Photography

Newborn Brody {Vermont newborn photography}

Last week I got my baby snuggles with sweet Brody.  Newborn photography is always the best part of my job.  I couldn’t believe how much hair he had!  You just never know how they are going to turn out.  Lucky for me, this little guy is a looker!  The session was great.  Brody cooperated for the most part…as newborn do.  He did have a pirate thing going on though – what’s up with the one eye open the whole time?  Ha ha!! I wonder if he’s still doing that?  🙂  His big brother was a blast.  I had photographed him at exactly 7 days old as well.  It was fun for me to see little baby Logan all “grown up” now.  He sure does love his brother.  I got some great images of Brody and some of his family.  See below.

Louisa Larson Photography


Louisa Larson Photography

While Brody took a break from his modeling debut it got a little boring for a 5 year old.  So why not take advantage of all the attention?

Louisa Larson Photography

Maybe Dad wants to join in too?  🙂

Louisa Larson Photography

Finally…done with eating.  Time for the brothers together.  Awww.

Louisa Larson Photography

Annual Vermont Fall mini sessions {Vermont family photographer}

While we are still enjoying the last few days of summer it’s time to think of the upcoming season.  The Vermont Fall!!!!   It is by far my busiest time of year…hence the early notice.  I will be holding Vermont Fall portrait session in October and would love for you to join me!  The details are listed below.

Louisa Larson Photography$325.00 Friday  |  $350 Saturday





Sessions are limited and fill quickly each year.

Booking begins on Monday 9/7 at 10am.

Call 802.876.7422 to book, prepayment is required.

Louisa Larson Photography

The Small Print

  • What is a mini session?  It is just like a full portrait session but simplified.  I spend about 20 minutes photographing your family.  There are no clothing changes and we will be staying outside (no studio sessions).
  • $325/$350  prepaid for a  mini session on Friday 10/9 & Saturday 10/10.  This mini session is for immediate family members only.  Please no extended families for these mini sessions…I just won’t have time to include everyone in the time frame.
  • The mini session is pre-paid to hold your date and time.  Starting on September 7th, please call 802-876-7422 to book your time.  The studio will be open from 9-4 on Friday and 10-4 on Saturday.  Your credit card will be charged at the time of booking.
  • Please arrive at the time of your booking, no later and not a whole lot earlier (if possible).  For those who haven’t been here before –  I have an old-school Vermont driveway.  I prefer only one client car here at a time.  You’ll know what I mean when you get here.   🙂
  • Within 3 days of  the session I will be happy to provide you with a sneak peek of your images.
  • Within 3 weeks you will receive notification from me that your images are completed.  You can choose a digital download (most popular) or digital media.
  • I will provide you with approximately 15 fully edited images along with printing rights and printing instructions.
  • Weather – historically this weekend is gorgeous!!  But if nature does not cooperate we will reschedule the mini session for the following week.
  • I am SO excited about these sessions!  They are fun, relaxed and always beautiful.

Champlain Valley Fair {Vermont photography}

It’s advertised as “The happiest time of summer”.  I’m not sure about that especially since the fair started after school was back in session.  But regardless, it has become a family tradition to go to the fair.  My kids are no longer babies….big sigh.  They no longer care about the animals – the chickens hatching from eggs, the miniature horses named after the 7 dwarfs, the funny sheep with different wool.  They want fast, bright, high fair rides.  Ok.  So be it.  The only way to ride rides I think, is at night when all the ugliness falls into the shadow and only the glitz and gaudy shine on.  Here are some images captured from last night – some iPhone, some from an actual camera.  Sadly, my son was still a couple of inches short for the “fun” rides but at the last minute we scored some Demolition Derby tickets so we watched cars smash into each other and catch fire.  It’s a long way from how I grew up but he was SO excited and I know it made his night.


It all started with these Gentle Giants.  Wow.

ok…maybe we’re not completely animal free yet   🙂

Louisa Larson Photography

Great ride. Great expressions.

Louisa Larson Photography

Darkness isn’t the same after you’ve gone on the high swings after night.

Louisa Larson Photography

Some iPhone snaps from the ferris wheel, swings (motion sick anyone?) the high diving burning man (huh?) and of course the derby.

Louisa Larson Photography

I never fully recovered from the swings and Zero Gravity

so I stuck to capturing the lights ( I can’t believe I let my kids go on these rides!)

Louisa Larson Photography

Louisa Larson Photography

Race to the Top of Vermont {Vermont sports photography}

On a gorgeous day in August I had the privilege of being one of the photographers on  beautiful Mt. Mansfield, tasked with capturing images from the Race to the Top of Vermont.  This race draws over 800 hikers, mountain bikers and runners from across the U.S. and Canada to climb Mt. Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak located in Stowe, Vermont.  Runners and bikers climb the toll road which is 4.3 miles long.  My assignment was to get the essence of the race – the volunteers (without which there would be no race), the runners, bikers and of course the stunning scenery.  I took hundreds of images and was surprised at how jolly all the runners were as they passed me by.  Here are a few to share.  I can’t wait for next year. 🙂

Among many stand-out athletes these two were top in their class.

Joshua Ferenc of Athens, VT with a time of 35:47 1st place (who then ran down and biked back up getting 8th place – wow!)

Griffin Larson of Essex, VT  first place in 14 and under (9 years old) time 51:36

Louisa Larson Photography

The Volunteers…and they were there early!

Louisa Larson Photography

Here they come!


Below on right…she found a baby bird and was feeding it every 15 minutes.  No problem…just run with the bird!


It’s the big question…which is harder?  Running or biking?  Some say running but others say runners can walk so it’s biking.  What do you think?  Certainly NOT pushing a baby jogger!