Lillian’s first birthday pictures {Vermont children’s photography}

I’d have to say that sweet Lillian was NOT a fan of the cake.  She didn’t want to touch it, look at it and barely wanted to be near it.  I did capture a few images of this sweet and surprising reaction though.  Luckily for us she was cute as pie the entire time before we whipped out her first birthday cake.  Phew!  Happy Birthday Miss. Lillian.  🙂Louisa Larson Photography

Celebration being a tween {Vermont photography}

Most often we photograph our children when they are little.  Babyhood…sitting, walking, sucking on fingers, eating cake…but once they enter school they don’t change much, right?  They get their obligatory school picture and you’re all set, right?  Well what about celebrating the amazing mile stone of changing from a little girl to a teenager – a tween?  I can guarantee you the photo sessions are a LOT  easier and a blast as well!  Let them pick out their own clothes to define their own style, guide them in posing but let them choose what they are comfortable with and VOILA  a beautiful session to document your baby growing up – way up!  Not only is it fun for them but it’s a huge boost to their confidence…something hard fought for at this age.  Here is Madeleine.  She has recently turned 11 and we wanted to have some fun in the studio.  And we did.  Louisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson PhotographyLouisa Larson Photography

If you want to see all the images from the session – check out the slideshow below.