Testimony1“I want to thank you for the beautiful pictures you took of Annie and the kids. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I opened my presents this morning. I’ve never before seen a picture that captured my kids for who they are to me; your photos show the inner beauty that only a parent can normally see. I can show these to anyone and they will immediately understand why I am so crazy in love with them. Thank you for making my day.” — Dan


Ian“We saw the photos on your blog and I cried. I absolutely love them. They are exactly what we were hoping to capture about Ian. It was nice to chat with you. We really enjoyed our visit and especially want to thank you for your beautiful work.” — Tammie



Testimony2“Our family met first met Louisa three years ago. We look forward to our family photos each year and have been thrilled with the results. Louisa’s photography is absolutely beautiful, creative, and has filled our home. She is extremely friendly and laid back with our children and has captured some amazing memories. We are really fortunate to have such wonderful talent in our area. We can’t wait to go back again next year!” — Anna Main


Testimony3“Louisa’s beautiful photography captures my girls distinct personalities in a way I could not imagine. Whether it be the mature seriousness of Shea, the abandoned happiness and mischievousness of Juliana, or the loyal love and companionship between a girl and her pony, you are able to see into their little souls and capture their true essence through her photographs.
She has consistently done this with patience, professionalism, and unending creativity. I can’t imagine a day without looking at the beautiful photographs she has taken over the years that line the walls of our home. Each one telling it’s own story, capturing a certain period of my children’s lives, that may otherwise fade with time. Louisa’s photographs bring immeasurable joy and will be treasured forever.” — Meredith

Tetsimony4“Louisa is an amazing artist to work with. My family and I always look forward to and enjoy our time with Louisa in her beautiful and inviting studio. Not only does she produce breathtaking photos, she also has a way of making us all feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Our family has had many sessions with Louisa to document very special milestones in our lives. She has an amazing ability at capturing these moments and each individual photo is a cherished keepsake that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.” — Kim and Robert


Testimony5“We have been so happy with all of Louisa’s portraits – from maternity to newborn to family sessions! It is always such a relaxing atmosphere in her studio and we enjoy our time with her which translates into incredible images. I feel that she capture a moment in time which we can never get back, but can look at on our walls forever.” — Wendee



Testimony6“Thank you so much for photographing our family and helping us preserve these memories. You have such talent – thank you for using that gift to serve us. It’s been fun from the photo shoot to seeing the finished product.” — Heather