Who am I?

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Above…. is who I’m hanging out with when I’m not working….except Hazel who is pretty much with me all the time.

Who am I?


After years of portfolio building I decided to open a studio within our home. This was in 2006. After three years of working in the home we decided to expand and build the studio. Our studio is located on our property in Essex, Vermont and has everything I need. I love it.
Every year I have the opportunity to study with some of the top photography professionals in the country. This is a time to hone my skills, learn new techniques and to build life long relationships with other amazing photographers.

I have invested in top-of-the-line equipment and have 2nds and 3rds of everything. This will ensure that I am always able to capture photographs that you will treasure forever.
I am a proud member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) as well as Vermont Professional Photographers (VPP).


My approach to photography

What I love best about being a photographer is being able to capture the spirit and personality of children and families – how it is right now… in this moment.

What do you want to remember about your children when they are no longer twirling around in tutus or jumping around like Spiderman? Is it the way your daughter scrunches up her nose when she laughs? Is it the way your son sticks out his tongue as he’s frantically crawling everywhere? What about those new freckles that just popped up on her hand or the ten perfect toes that are so unbelievably tiny? Children have smiles that are so spontaneous and full of glee, this is why I won’t ever ask them to “smile and say cheese”. I want to capture them as they really are, how you want to forever remember them.


I love winter – specifically snow. I am happiest in fluffy white huge amounts of it – preferably when I’m skiing and it’s all flying in my face. I have 3 perfectly imperfect children. I feel most comfortable surrounded by animals… I always have… thanks Mom for indulging me all those years. I have an amazing husband. I am so blessed that he puts up with me and all my critters too. I was born in Canada but have lived in Bahamas, England, Illinois, Colorado and Vermont. Vermont wins. I have always loved photography… well, at least since the age of 4 when I used to help Grandpa in his darkroom. And that’s a long time.